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"I was one of Divine Timing's first Colorado clients over seven years ago. I was recovering from a stroke on my right side,  and just had all my belongings from California shipped out. I felt overwhelmed and really needed someone to help me organize my life. With very little storage in my new apartment, I needed to downsize. Feather expertly assisted me in organizing the furniture and all of my stuff, a task I never could have completed on my own. 

Over the years we continue to have 'tune ups' in order to keep me organized, and this has been an essential support as I live with disability. One of my consistent issues has been mail/paper, and her assistance is a huge help!

- Kathryn C.

"Working with Feather was a life-changing experience that has helped me develop healthy habits that have improved my quality of life. I'm happy with my investment of hiring Divine Timing to help me create my home as my sanctuary. I highly recommend their services."

- John W.

"Feather helped me with an overwhelming project that had me stumped. She had a focused plan that helped me move through blocks about making changes with my home. I appreciated her sensitivity to the flow of energy and how to make the most of my space. I highly recommend her services and will utilize her knowledge and know-how on my next big project."

- Xanthe A.

"I had stuff, lots of it. I loved a good deal and could never resist a garage sale. Divine Timing gave me the skills to keep my home clean and organized. I was able to let go in a way that felt empowering. 

Feather has a gentle, focused presence that allows the organizing process to be an adventure and a positive life change.

She left me with tips for how to keep my place clean and tidy, and now I find my home more relaxing and enjoyable to be in."

- Ingrid H.


"We spent our first session organizing my storage unit where we found things from 30 years ago! Feather helped me process through my emotions as I decided what to keep or donate or toss. On the second session we cleared a junk closet which had everything from school supplies to linens to workout equipment.


We also organized my pictures and some other storage nooks in my living room. Third session we cleared my pantry and she helped me organize my entire kitchen so it was efficient and tidy.


Feather inspired me and gave me the tools I needed to continue with my teenage daughters room to every other closet and drawer in my home. I would recommend Feather to everyone!"

- Vanessa B.

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