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Feather's Bio

Hailing from a household where there was both hoarding and chronic disorganization, I inherited both of these undesirable qualities. After several years of  living my adult life in disarray, I found myself ready for a change.


As I started to get my own life in order, I soon I became passionate about creating order from chaos and began to help loved ones and friends.

Discussing my newfound obsession with the patrons of the restauraunt I was working at, right away I was hearing, "Oh, could we use your help at our house!" It was  soon clear that I wasn't the ONLY one who needed and wanted to GET ORGANIZED.

That was over 10 years ago.

In that time, I have organized in virtually every possible scenario one could imagine.

Working with the foundational principals of joy and gratitude is, in my opinion, both effective and rewarding.

For this reason,  the style I am most resonant with is Marie Kondo's Konmari Method, now popularly featured on Netflix, though I've independently studied many systems from Feng Shui to minimalism.

With so many tools under my belt, I have a plethora of      skill-sets. I always come in with an open mind, to determine what is going to work best for each client and situation.


In my off time I enjoy hours in Nature and sometimes Tour Manage bands I love because it's a blast!


Best Regards,

Feather Groves & Divine Timing Organizing

-Marie Kondo

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