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So you are ready to sell your home except you have no idea where to start, or at least a few questions on how to begin to prepare it for potential buyers.

Should you :

A. Paint the bathroom?

B. Take all the family photos off the walls?

C. Get a storage space?

D. Call Divine Timing Organizing


Answer: D!

( We knew you would get this one right! )

Readying your abode to stand out in a competitive market can seem a daunting task. You want your listing to look like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens or Architectural Digest but still be comfortable for you and your loved ones to live in till closing, right? Or perhaps you have the luxury of living elsewhere while your old home lists and waits to sell but aren't sure how to turn your beloved digs into looking like a model home. 

 We got you.

 We have prepared dozens of homes for sale and have been working directly with realtors for years. Because realtors know the value of working with a professional organizer when they want a home to sell FAST! Our expert eye and extensive experience informs us what to keep and what needs to exit the space to make it look and feel like a home that is READY TO SELL. 

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