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Realtors' Ally

 Why work with a professional organizer?

 Give yourself and your client a leg up in a competitive market and work with a professional organizer. It's also a great way to give your clients a gift that they can really use that benefits you too!

Working with a professional organizer is one of the best ways to get a home on the market to sell, FAST.  As trusted home consultants, Divine Timing has been working for years with realtors and their clients to get their homes staged and ready to sell.  Our special packages designed just for realtors allow you to gift your clients a session with us whether they are moving in or moving out.


The Gift -- 2-hour session


Sellers: In our two hour sessions, we do a walk through and assessment, giving clients crucial notes on how to best get their homes ready to stand out in a hot market. From de-cluttering and decorating tips to organizational advice. We are also able to act as liaisons and deliver any messages on your behalf that you would rather not.  Like, the bear head in the living room has really got to go, or the the neon green bathroom would be better off repainted a less, well, a less neon shade. You get the idea. As home consultants, we can get away with it and you get to avoid any potentially awkward conversations.


Buyers: We are able to do a walk thorough and strategize with clients what organizational systems might work best in their new home space before they are completely unpacked.


The Hook Up -- 4-hour session

How generous of you! In our 4 hour sessions with your client, we are not only able to offer the walk through and note session but we are also able to tackle a small organizing project with them. These sessions most often result in the client booking us for more sessions to get even more de-cluttered and organized which always results in their home looking more fabulous and more ready to sell. Win for everyone!

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